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    This incredibly easy-to-follow course is taught by a professional astrologer. Step by step instruction to help you learn at your own pace with one-on-one tutoring available

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Levels 1 - 7

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  • Level One

    Get Your Skates On - The basics. Discover how astrology works and how it can help you transform your life

  • Level Two

    Meet the Crew - Planets in Detail. Learn about the 10 planets. Discover the strongest planets in your chart as well as the ones that might need work

  • Level Three

    Go Deeper - Enter The Zodiac. Explore the psycho-emotional themes of the 12 signs and learn how to recognize their patterns in yourself and the people you know

  • Level Four

    Connect The Dots - Learn about the houses of the chart and how these link planetary patterns to your daily experience

  • Level Five

    Find The Key - Learn about the Theory of Rulership and how this totally alters which planets will have the biggest impact in your chart

  • Level Six

    Make Connections - Explore how the planets impact each other through the amazing influence of Aspects

  • Level Seven

    Whole Chart Synthesis - Bring it all together with a focus on practising your chart interpretation skills. After completing this level you will be able to read an astrology chart, and will be ready to go to the next step - Predictive Astrology!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Stars Like You Astrology School: What To Expect

  • 2

    What is Astrology? Level One

    • Level One: Class One Video

    • Level One Class One - Overview & Notes

    • Quiz: What is Astrology?

    • Level One: Class Two Video

    • Level One Class Two - Overview and Notes

    • Quiz: How is A Birth Chart Created?

    • Level One: Class Three Video

    • Level One Class Three - Overview and Notes

    • Quiz: The Mechanics of the Chart

    • Level One: Class Four Video

    • Level One Class Four - Overview and Notes

    • Class Four Quiz: The Zodiac

    • Level One: Class Five Video

    • Level One Class Five - Overview and Notes

    • Class Five Quiz: 10 Planets

    • Level One: Class Six Video

    • Level One Class Six - Overview and Notes

    • Class Six Quiz: The Houses

    • Level One: Class Seven Video

    • Level One Class Seven - Overview and Notes

    • Level One: Class Eight Video

    • Level One Class Eight - Overview and Notes

    • Class Eight Quiz: Who, What, Where

    • Level One: Class Nine Video

    • Level One Class Nine - Overview and Notes

    • Class Nine Quiz: The Luminaries

  • 3

    Summary: Level One

    • Check Your Understanding: Level One Quiz

    • Resources and further reading

    • Before you go...

  • 4

    Level Two - The Planets

    • Level Two Introduction : Your Astro Journal

    • Your Astro Journal

    • Level Two Class One

    • Class One Video

    • Level Two Class Two

    • Class Two Video

    • Level Two Class Three

    • Class Three Video

    • Level Two Class Four

    • Class Four Video

    • Level Two Class Five

    • Class Five Video

    • Level Two Class Six

    • Class Six Video

    • Level Two Class Seven

    • Class Seven Video

    • Level Two Class Eight

    • Class Eight Video

    • Check Your Understanding: Level Two Quiz

    • Before you go...

  • 5

    Level Three - The Zodiac Signs

    • Level Three: Class One Video

    • L03 C01: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Two Video

    • L03 C02: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Three Video

    • L03 C03: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Four Video

    • L03 C04: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Five Video

    • L03 C05: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Six Video

    • L03C06: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Seven Video

    • L03 C07: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Eight Video

    • L03 C08 - Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Nine Video

    • L03 C09: Overview and Notes

  • 6

    Level Four - The Houses

    • Level Four Class 1: Overview and Notes

    • Notes on The Houses

    • The MC/IC axis

    • The Houses - An Overview

    • Class One Video

    • Level Four Class Two: Overview and Notes

    • Class Two Video

    • Level Four Class Three: Overview and Notes

    • Class Three Video

    • Level Four Class 04: Overview and Notes

    • Class four Video

    • Level Four Class Five: Overview and Notes

    • Class Five Video

    • Level Four Class Six: Overview and Notes

    • Class Six Video

    • Level Four Class Seven: Overview and Notes

    • Class Seven Video

    • Level Four Class Eight: Overview and Notes

    • Class Eight Video

    • Level Four Class Nine: Overview and Notes

    • Class Nine Video

    • Check Your Understanding QUIZ

  • 7

    Level Five - Rulership

    • Level Five Class 1: Overview and Notes

    • Class One Video

    • Level Five Class 2: Overview

    • Class Two Video and Table of Essential Dignity

    • Level Five Class 3: Overview

    • Class Three Video

    • Level Five Class 4: Overview

    • Class Four Video

    • Level Five Class 5: Overview

    • Class Five Video

    • Level Five Class 6: Overview

    • Class Six Video

    • Level Five Class 7: Overview

    • Class Seven Video

    • Level Five Class 8: Overview

    • Class Eight Video

  • 8

    Level Six: The Aspects

    • Level Six Class One: Overview and Introduction

    • Class One Video

    • Additional Reading

    • Level Six Class Two: Overview and Notes

    • Class Two Video

    • Test Your Understanding

    • Level Six Class Three: Overview and Notes

    • Class Three Video

    • Level Six Class Four: Overview and Notes

    • Class Four Video

    • Level Six Class Five: Overview and Notes

    • Class Five Video

    • Level Six Class Six: Overview and Notes

    • Class Six Video

    • Level Six Class Seven: Overview and Notes

    • Class Seven Video

    • Level Six Class Eight: Overview and Notes

    • Class Eight Video

  • 9

    Level 7: Whole Chart Synthesis

    • Notes on Chart Synthesis

    • Whole Chart Synthesis - Mapping The Psyche by Clare Martin

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  • What Happens After I Enrol?

    Watch out for your welcome email. You are under no obligation to commit in terms of time frame. You will receive all the information you need to get started plus access to all 7 levels so you can learn at your own pace

  • I'm a quick learner. What if I'm ready for more?

    Once you get started we will send you a link with access to seven levels of video lessons, PDFs, group chats and quizzes. Learn at your own pace and build your skills. Then when you are ready enrol in our advanced classes

  • If I change my mind can I get a refund?

    We aim to make this course affordable for everyone... And we give you access to ALL the information as soon as you join. Therefore, we cannot offer a refund after purchase but we are so confident that you are going to be intrigued, excited and fully engaged, you won't want a refund anyway

  • How much time will it take?

    This course has been designed with you in mind. You can move at your own speed, and take a class whenever it's convenient.

  • How much does it cost?

    You pay upfront only $199US for a complete training package. That's AMAZING value! If you want to stay longer and keep learning just update your enrolment and add extra learning blocks

  • Can I get private tuition?

    Yes You Can! All students have access to one on one training with Damian Rocks for a flat hourly fee of only $80. To keep the cost of the course affordable we have not included additional one to one study time. But if you want more detailed assessments and feedback then please contact Damian to let him know

  • Is the course accredited?

    If you want to complete your full training as a professional astrologer then this course can help you get there. We can help you complete your certification with the Federation of Australian Astrologers, an internationally recognized certification body. You can apply for a Diploma of Astrology, an award recognized by all major astrology associations around the world. To do this, you will need to complete extra training and exams at an additional cost. Please email Damian for details.

  • Can I become a professional astrologer?

    Absolutely! This course is designed for beginners and advanced students alike. If you would like to practice as an astrologer then. you must complete the additional predictive astrology modules. Please be aware that it takes most students around two years of training to become competent reading charts on a professional level

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