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    Open the door to astrology and all that it has to offer. Get a new perspective on your talents and abilities. Discover how astrology can help you

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    This incredibly easy-to-follow course is taught by a professional astrologer. Step by step instruction to help you learn at your own pace with one-on-one tutoring available

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    We guarantee that if you stick with us you will get a much better understanding of your unique gifts, as well the challenges you are learning to overcome

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Stars Like You Astrology School: What To Expect

  • 2

    What is Astrology? Level One

    • Level One: Class One Video

    • Level One Class One - Overview & Notes

    • Quiz: What is Astrology?

    • Level One: Class Two Video

    • Level One Class Two - Overview and Notes

    • Quiz: How is A Birth Chart Created?

    • Level One: Class Three Video

    • Level One Class Three - Overview and Notes

    • Quiz: The Mechanics of the Chart

    • Level One: Class Four Video

    • Level One Class Four - Overview and Notes

    • Class Four Quiz: The Zodiac

    • Level One: Class Five Video

    • Level One Class Five - Overview and Notes

    • Class Five Quiz: 10 Planets

    • Level One: Class Six Video

    • Level One Class Six - Overview and Notes

    • Class Six Quiz: The Houses

    • Level One: Class Seven Video

    • Level One Class Seven - Overview and Notes

    • Level One: Class Eight Video

    • Level One Class Eight - Overview and Notes

    • Class Eight Quiz: Who, What, Where

    • Level One: Class Nine Video

    • Level One Class Nine - Overview and Notes

    • Class Nine Quiz: The Luminaries

  • 3

    Summary: Level One

    • Check Your Understanding: Level One Quiz

    • Resources and further reading

    • Before you go...

  • 4

    Level Two - The Planets

    • Level Two Introduction : Your Astro Journal

    • Your Astro Journal

    • Level Two Class One

    • Class One Video

    • Level Two Class Two

    • Class Two Video

    • Level Two Class Three

    • Class Three Video

    • Level Two Class Four

    • Class Four Video

    • Level Two Class Five

    • Class Five Video

    • Level Two Class Six

    • Class Six Video

    • Level Two Class Seven

    • Class Seven Video

    • Level Two Class Eight

    • Class Eight Video

    • Check Your Understanding: Level Two Quiz

    • Before you go...

  • 5

    Level Three - The Zodiac Signs

    • Level Three: Class One Video

    • L03 C01: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Two Video

    • L03 C02: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Three Video

    • L03 C03: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Four Video

    • L03 C04: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Five Video

    • L03 C05: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Six Video

    • L03C06: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Seven Video

    • L03 C07: Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Eight Video

    • L03 C08 - Overview and Notes

    • Level Three: Class Nine Video

    • L03 C09: Overview and Notes

  • 6

    Level Four - The Houses

    • Level Four Class 1: Overview and Notes

    • Notes on The Houses

    • The Houses - An Overview

    • Class One Video

    • Level Four Class Two: Overview and Notes

    • Class Two Video

    • Level Four Class Three: Overview and Notes

    • Class Three Video

    • Level Four Class 04: Overview and Notes

    • Class four Video

    • Level Four Class Five: Overview and Notes

    • Class Five Video

    • Level Four Class Six: Overview and Notes

    • Class Six Video

    • Level Four Class Seven: Overview and Notes

    • Class Seven Video

    • Level Four Class Eight: Overview and Notes

    • Class Eight Video

    • Level Four Class Nine: Overview and Notes

    • Class Nine Video

    • Check Your Understanding QUIZ

  • 7

    Level Five - Rulership

    • Level Five Class 1: Overview and Notes

    • Class One Video

    • Level Five Class 2: Overview

    • Class Two Video and Table of Essential Dignity

    • Level Five Class 3: Overview

    • Class Three Video

    • Level Five Class 4: Overview

    • Class Four Video

    • Level Five Class 5: Overview

    • Class Five Video

    • Level Five Class 6: Overview

    • Class Six Video

    • Level Five Class 7: Overview

    • Class Seven Video

    • Level Five Class 8: Overview

    • Class Eight Video

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Levels 1 - 3

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    Get Your Skates On - The basics. Discover how astrology works and how it can help you transform your life

  • Level Two

    Meet the Crew - Planets in Detail Learn about the 10 planets. Discover the strongest planets in your chart as well as the ones that might need work

  • Level Three

    Go Deeper - Enter The Zodiac. Explore the psycho-emotional themes of the 12 signs and learn how to recognize their patterns in yourself and the people you know

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